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Quality Mechanical Service

Beachwheels Automotive is located at Freshwater on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches. We have more than 25 years knowledge, which provides a vast range of Automotive Services from the family car or 4wd to trucks and buses. Beachwheels have won numerous Customer Service Awards which is testament to the dedication of their outstanding staff who continually strive for excellence when attending to customer's vehicles. So for all your auto and mechanical requirements we look forward to seeing you at Beachwheels.

Coach and Bus Charter

Beachwheels Coaches have been looking after the transport needs of the peninsula for more than a decade. Over the years our fleet has grown to 10 coaches with our largest being 57 seats. Our coaches service local schools and retirement villages. We also undertake tours, transfers & social functions, with weddings being a specialty. For all your transport requirements please contact Beachwheels Coaches.