Beachwheels Inspection Station

Beachwheels vehicle inspectors conduct the vehicle inspections on site and following their thorough assessment of your vehicle, discuss their findings with you. Following this, Beachwheels provides you with a formalised report which itemises our findings and recommendations.

Our reports provide a comprehensive review of your motor vehicle including extensive testing of body and mechanical conditions.

Types of vehicle inspections

A vehicle identity inspection may be required before your vehicle can be registered. Find out the types of inspections required by contacting Beachwheels today.

After the inspection

After the inspection, you will be issued a vehicle identity inspection report which is required when registering the vehicle. The certificate is valid for one calendar month from the time of the inspection.

When is a roadworthy vehicle inspection required?

A roadworthy inspection is required if the vehicle:

  • has been fitted with a non standard engine that does not appear on the category 1 engine change list – contact vehicle standards to ask about your vehicle.
  • construction has been changed (eg. change to length of wheelbase, change in number of tyres, or the vehicle has been converted from a sedan to a convertible).
  • is a bus with seating for 13 or more.
  • has been issued with a defect notice.
  • has been imported from overseas is originally right hand drive and requires an exemption from the fitting of a compliance plate (post 1970 for cars and 1976 for motorcycles).
  • was originally manufactured as left hand drive.
  • has been rebuilt from parts.
  • has been changed and the seating capacity is different.
  • is new and is not fitted with a compliance plate.
  • (including trailers) was registered in another state, is more than seven years old and has an unladen mass of 4.5 tonnes or more.
  • is a repaired written-off vehicle.
  • is used in country regions and has a seating capacity of 12 or less and is used to carry passengers for hire, fare or reward (except self-drive).
  • is a dedicated rally car or street rod type vehicle.
  • has had modifications made to the brakes, steering or suspension systems.

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