How to Jump Start a Car

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We’re all likely to experience having a car that won’t start at some point. Follow this simple guide to tell if it’s a dead battery causing the problem and then how to get it going. You’ll soon be on the road again! … Read More

How to Repair Sun-Damaged Car Paint

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If you have been running around with your car for some time, you may have noticed that its appearance has started to deteriorate. Long periods of exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun cause photo-degradation of the paint and … Read More

5 Tips to Look After Your Car Tyres

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Whether you’re cruising around on a motorcycle for your holiday, taking the kids to school in the family sedan or piloting a commercial vehicle for work, your tyres are important. After all, not only can an unsafe tyre become a … Read More

What Does on Road Costs Mean?

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What you need to know about on-road costs Buying a car is a thrilling experience, but don’t forget that you’re paying more than just the ticket price for your new vehicle. Most dealerships and automobile websites don’t include what’s known … Read More

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