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4 Valuable Tyre Care & Maintenance Tips

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Taking care of your tyres is one of the most important things you can do as a car owner. If your tyres fail, then you aren’t going anywhere – no matter how well-maintained the rest of your car may be. To keep them in good shape and reduce the risk of flat tyres, blowouts, and skids, follow these key maintenance tips.

1. Keep track of time

One thing to make a note of is when you got your new tyres. Guidelines suggest that most tyres should last between six to 10 years, but that information isn’t helpful if you don’t know how old your tyres are. Keeping a good record will allow you to know when you reach that six-year mark and you need to be all the more cautious about checking your tyres.

2. Check your tyres regularly

You should make visual checks regularly to ensure there is nothing wrong with your tyres. Check your air pressure and measure it against the recommended pressure to ensure your tyres are neither over-inflated or under-inflated. Look for flat spots, baldness, disappearing treads, and cuts or tears in the tyre surface, which may leave you vulnerable to blowouts. You should also look for stones, pins, nails, or other hazardous pieces embedded in your tyres; they may hide slow punctures, which will eventually deflate your tyre to the point of making it undriveable.

Tyre Care & Maintenance

3. Drive smoothly

A smooth driving style is the best way to take good care of your tyres on the road. Keep your braking gentle and slow down ahead of time so you don’t need to slam on the brakes. Keep your speed to a reasonable level so you never have to stop too quickly. You should also try to avoid driving on rough surfaces where possible.

4. Don’t overload

When you exceed the load capacity of your tyres, it’s like asking you to carry too much weight on your back. Gradually, even though you may be able to move forward, you are going to sink lower to the ground and feel pain. The same thing will happen with your tyres; they are pressed closer into the ground, build up heat, and may explode suddenly.

When your tyres start to go bad, or you discover some damage during your checks, you need to make sure that you get them looked at. Visit a mechanic and ask for advice on whether it’s time to change your tyres – or whether they can be repaired to last you that little bit longer.