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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs a Suspension Repair

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Your vehicle is made up of several intricate components, including the car suspension system. When one of these systems fails? It can be catastrophic.

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What Is Suspension on a Car?

A car suspension system is essential for control and comfort. It sits between the frame of the car and the surface of the road. It also includes several different parts such as shock absorbers, struts, springs, ball joints and other elements. Your car suspension has three main functions:

  • It maximises vehicle performance and minimises wear and tear.
  • It absorbs bumps on the road for a more comfortable drive.
  • It increases tyre friction so your tyres remain in contact with the surface of the road.

5 Signs that It’s Time for Suspension Repair

Even if you’re not an auto expert, chances are you can still tell if you need car suspension repair. Here are five signs that it’s time to get your car suspension looked at.

1. You have difficulty steering.

If your car is difficult to steer, especially at low speeds, you may have an issue with your suspension. This could be as simple as a lack of power steering fluid, but it could also indicate a more serious issue, such as a worn control arm.

2. The vehicle pulls to one side.

While this can also be caused by uneven tyre wear or low tyre pressure, it is also one of the most common signs of a damaged suspension. If you notice your car pulling to one side while driving, check your tyres, then talk to a professional mechanic.

3. Excessive rolling or leaning.

If your vehicle is rolling during your drive, there is likely a problem with your shocks or struts. You can test to see if your car leans by parking it on a flat surface and then examining each corner of the car to see if one side is significantly lower than the others.

4. You experience frequent diving and rocking.

If your car dives forward while braking or rocks backwards when you accelerate, be sure to take it in for an examination, as this can signal that your car suspension needs repair.

5. Every ride is uncomfortable.

If you’re experiencing a bumpy, bouncy ride even over a smooth surface, it might mean that you have worn shock absorbers. You can test this theory by pushing down on the car’s bonnet and releasing — if your car bounces three or more times, it’s time to visit the mechanic.

Common Car Suspension problems

Now you know why car suspension is important and how to tell if you need car suspension repair. But what happens if you don’t make that repair a priority? Here are a few of the most common car suspension problems drivers can encounter.

  • Damaged/worn shocks or struts — This common problem leads to a rougher ride with more bouncing, swayingsuspension repair mechanic and diving. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can be a safety risk as well.
  • Worn out springs — A damaged spring can cause your car to sag and be difficult to control. It can also negatively impact other parts of your car.
  • Damaged control arms — This dangerous problem can lead to unpredictable steering and increases your risk of being involved in or causing an accident.
  • Poor wheel alignment — Driving with bad alignment can cause your tyres to wear unevenly, resulting in poor fuel efficiency and increased wear and tear on your tyres. It can even damage the entire suspension system over time.

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    I like that you mentioned how you might have worn shock absorbers if you’re experiencing a bumpy, bouncy ride even over a smooth surface. I was driving home with my son yesterday and I noticed how unnaturally bumpy the trip was. It was really strange, so I should probably take the car to an auto repair shop.