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Everything You Need to Know about Demerit Points

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While getting points is usually a good thing, demerit points are the opposite. If you get too many demerit points, you run the risk or losing your driver’s licence. Demerit points are a risk for drivers of all ages and skill levels, so we’ll go over how you get demerit points so you can avoid them, and what happens if you get too many.

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How You get Demerit Points

You get demerit points each time you get caught breaking the rules of the road. Most of these rules are relatively straightforward, and driving safely can help you avoid them.

Speeding – L and P1 plate drivers who get caught speeding will get four demerit points straight away. This is grounds to have your licence suspended.

Drinking and Driving -L and P plate drivers are not allowed to have any alcohol in their systems when they. This means that if you get caught, and you blow more than a 0.00, you go to court and hand over your licence.

Using Your Mobile Phone – L, P1 and P2 plate drivers are not allowed to use their phones at all while they drive. This rule includes hands-free setups, answering or making calls, updating social media or texting.

Not Attaching Your Plates – Your L or P plates and signs should be clearly visible on the outside of your car. If you prop them on your dash or tape them to your window, you’ll receive a fine and two demerit points.

Carrying More than One Passenger – P1 plate drivers who are under 25 can only have one passenger in the vehicle five days a week between 11 pm and 5 am.

What Happens if You Get Too Many Demerit Points

You’ll have several consequences to face if you get too many demerit points. They include:

P1 and drivers with a learner’s permit will have a licence suspension of three months if you get four or more demerit points over a three-year span.

P2 drivers may lose their licence indefinitely if they gain seven or more demerit points over the span of three years.

Unrestricted drivers will face a suspension if they earn 13 points over the span of three years.

Additionally, with every suspension, you have to wait an additional six months to get your licence back. If you drive without it and get caught, you could face a hefty fine or even time in jail. The demerit points also double during holidays for long weekends for using your mobile phone, not wearing a helmet or seat belt and speeding.

Use common sense and follow the road rules to avoid racking up demerit points on your licence. You’ll be able to help keep the roadways safer by following the rules.