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How to become a truck driver in Australia

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How to become a truck driver in Australia?

If you plan on driving heavy trucks around Australia, you’ll need a heavy vehicle licence. Before you apply, here’s what you should know about getting a truck driving licence in Australia. There is also some more info to help you decide whether a heavy vehicle licence is something you actually need. Here you can read all there is on how to become a truck driver Australia


Becoming a truck driver

If you want to become a heavy truck driver in Australia, you must first:

  • Learn to drive
  • Learn to drive a truck
  • Obtain at least a Light Rigid Driver’s Licence (LR) – this lets you drive trucks up to 8 tonnes in mass with a towing trailer that’s no heavier than 9 tonnes


How to move up from the LR

The process of moving from your first truck licence to an unrestricted licence can seem a little daunting, but don’t worry. It’s more straightforward than it looks at first glance. Basically, you can’t apply for a Heavy Rigid Driver’s Licence (HR) until you’ve held your LR for at least two years. This ensures that you have enough experience driving trucks in Australia to operate heavier vehicles.

Once you’ve held your HR for a year, you can apply for a Heavy Combination Driver’s Licence (HC). The highest licence class is the Multi Combination Driver’s Licence (MC), which allows you to operate any road-registered vehicle without restriction.

So, you want to apply for a heavy truck licence. How do you get started? Here’s a little breakdown of the process.


Getting a heavy truck licence in Australia

To get your heavy truck licence and work as a truckie in Australia, you’ll need to pass the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA). You can take this test with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). If there’s no RTO nearby, you can sit the test with a Roads and Maritime Testing Officer.

You’ll also need to pass an eye exam and pass the knowledge test for your licence class. So, if you’re applying for your HR, you’ll need to pass the HR knowledge test.

The good news is that there’s plenty of work for anyone who wants to learn to drive a truck and become a truck driver in Australia. Getting a heavy truck licence isn’t a wasted investment if you want a new career. Have a think about what kind of trucks you want to drive and then focus on working your way up to this licence class.

It’s fine to sit your test in your own vehicle, so long as it’s roadworthy, registered, and the right type of vehicle for the licence class you’re applying for. At Beachwheels Automotive, we can service your heavy vehicle and make sure it’s good to go. Call us now and book a service today.