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Sight, Smell, Sound, Feel: The Senses that Indicate Car Issues

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Having a car gives you the ability to travel anywhere you want at any convenient time, but you may lose this freedom and independence if you do not pay attention to the cues provided by the senses of sight, smell, sound and feeling, which give you warning signs about looming auto repairs. If you get any of these cues, it’s time to contact a reputable auto mechanic and get the issue fixed before it becomes a major problem. This article will discuss various ways you can tell if your car requires any repairs by paying attention to your senses.

Using your sight

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  • Take a look underneath the car. If you observe a puddle on the ground or fluid dripping from parts of the underside, this could be a sign one or more of the car fluids are leaking. Engine oil or transmission fluid leaks may lead to engine or transmission failure if not attended to quickly.
  • Check for signs of wear on your tyres. Worn tyres tend to lose air pressure. This can cause tyre blowouts and loss of control while driving. Tyres with worn threads should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Your car exhaust fume may be more visible than usual when just starting the car, especially in cold weather. If it gets unusually heavy or the colour turns black or blue, it may mean the car needs repairs. This can usually be done by a car repair near you.

Using the sense of smell

Your sense of smell can give you a hint that something has gone wrong with the working of your car. Some problems require more urgent attention. Here are tips that can give you an idea of what has gone wrong.

  • If you perceive a smell similar to that of burning toast while driving, this could be a result of an electrical fault. It is advisable to park the car and contact a mobile mechanic because electrical faults can cause fire if not rectified immediately.
  • If the smell is that of burning rubber when you apply the brakes, it most likely indicates that your car needs a brake repair.
  • The car’s catalytic converter gives off the smell of sulphur or bad eggs when it begins to fail. This unpleasant smell can leak into the passenger compartment. Contact the mechanic immediately if you perceive such strange odour.
  • If you are experiencing a hard start and gasoline begins to smell, it could be an indication that your engine is flooded with fuel or there is a leak in the fuel pipe.

Using the sense of sound

A car is an assembly of mechanical devices, frames and panels. When something goes wrong, the first indication is often a perception of an unusual sound. Paying careful attention to these sounds can give a good indication of what has gone wrong. Here are some of the sounds you may hear when something is not right and what each one may portend.

  • Clunking or rattling sounds could be an indication that your shock absorber or suspension has a problem.
  • If you hear a heavy knocking sound coming from under your hood, your car engine clearly has a problem. It could be from a worn crankshaft or connecting rod bearings. Your transmission torque converter may also be loose. You need to contact a mechanic urgently to carry out necessary repairs and avoid further damage to the engine.
  • The first indication that there is a problem with your braking system may be a screeching sound when you apply the brakes.
  • A squealing sound when the engine is running is often an indication that your fan belt is loose or worn.

Using the feel of the car

The feel of a car sometimes indicates there is a problem. Here are two examples:

  • If you feel your car vibrating, it is likely your tyres are not properly balanced.
  • If your car pulls to one side when you apply the brakes, you should have your wheel alignment checked.

Get in touch with a ‘mechanic near me’ today

You can avoid heavy vehicle repairs and the costly bills that come with them by paying attention to the warning signs provided by the senses of sight, smell, sound and touch. Getting in touch with us for a car service as early as possible can save you huge expenses of major repairs in the future. We also offer safe and reliable personal tours through our Beachwheels Coaches.