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What is Truck Maintenance and Why is it So Important?

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Truck maintenance is like getting a physical at the doctor for your truck – it is preventative care. While it does cost money and does take time, it is vital to keeping your fleet on the road and to greatly decreasing the likelihood of a need for any major repairs.

Broken Semi Truck Service Closeup Photo.

Heavy vehicle maintenance is maintaining the quality of your truck’s function and repairing any issues that might be noticed at the time of maintenance.

Maintenance can include the following:

The use of tools to diagnose the current function of the vehicle.

We will evaluate if something is wrong – it could be something you already suspected was wrong, or we might notice something that has gone by the wayside to date.

Our mechanics replace or repair the defective components.

Our team will not only diagnose the problem, but we will address it.

Using tools and skill to test the repairs to ensure proper performance.

We want you to rest assured that when you leave our care, everything is running smoothly. We will double-check our work before you hit the road.

Making any adjustments to the equipment where necessary.

It might be an adjustment to our repair or just an adjustment to the vehicle in general. We will assess the issue and make adjustments where necessary.

Complete a service report for your record.

Part of a standard truck or heavy vehicle maintenance is maintaining a record of that maintenance. There are a few different reasons for doing this:

  • It can be helpful when/if you go to sell the vehicle to show the buyer that you have done the upkeep on it.
  • It can be helpful in addressing future issues.
  • It can be helpful when doing finances and taxes.

We understand that all aspects of heavy vehicle maintenance are essential, right down to the final service report.

We encourage regular truck maintenance for all of our clients because we understand the cost savings it provides. While the cost of maintenance varies based on what is needed, the price of a major repair and the income lost during the time your truck is out of order far exceeds the cost of standard truck maintenance.

But we do have good news for you – we understand the importance of this for your business, and we are here to help. We are all about minimal delay, minimal downtime, and minimal fuss.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our truck repairs and servicing, to get a quote, or to book a service.