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What You Will Learn at a Defensive Driving Course

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A defensive driving course is beneficial for drivers of all ages, and it doesn’t matter what your current driving ability is. You’ll learn several beneficial things during your course to help make you a better driver, possibly lower your insurance premiums, and reduce your driving mistakes.

We want to keep you safe while you’re out and about enjoying Australia’s beautiful scenery. This is why we put together a few things you’ll learn from your defensive driving course.

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Five Things You Will Learn at a Defensive Driving Course

1. Crash Statistics
Some of the first things you’ll typically learn about are Australia’s different crash statistics. You’ll gain a good understanding of which times during the day and night most crashes occur. Your instructor will also give you statistics so you know which age groups are most at risk for suffering from an accident.

2. Crash Dynamics
There are dynamics that come into play with every crash. You’ll learn about them in-depth. These dynamics include how your speed, vehicle size and the place of impact all factor into the final damage and severity of the crash.

3. Safety Equipment Review
It’s important that you know about all of the safety equipment that is available to you in your vehicle. You’ll get a good overview and understanding of your seat belt, airbags, headrests and any child safety seats you may have. This can make you more aware of them and more prone to use them correctly.

4. Risks of Emotional Driving
Have you ever gone for a drive when you were angry, frustrated or upset? How about when you were really tired? Did you know that driving when you’re extremely fatigued affects you just like it would if you were drinking and driving? Emotional driving increases your risks for accidents.

5. Crash Prevention
Finally, you’ll spend a good amount of time learning numerous crash prevention and defensive driving techniques. There are dozens of techniques available including scanning roadways, correct following distances, weather adjustments, your vehicle’s braking distance, traffic laws and much more.

When it comes to defensive driving, you can never be too careful or have enough practice. Everyone can benefit from taking a defensive driving course from new drivers to driving veterans. They’ll help to keep the roadways safer for everyone who is travelling on them, and you’ll gain confidence as you learn more about your local laws and regulations.