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5 Most Common Car Repairs

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We all know that basic car maintenance is essential. However, some car repairs and maintenance are much more common than others. Some car repairs are more important and frequent than others, whether it’s your brake pads, spark plugs, fuel injectors, or another equally crucial piece of basic car maintenance. However, though it’s possible to carry out some basic car maintenance at home, some car repairs should be left to the pros. So, what are the 5 most common car repairs? What can you do at home, and what should be left up to a seasoned mechanic? Let’s check out some of the most common car repairs and maintenance tasks: 

1. Routine oil changes – imperative car repairs

Oil changes are a notoriously important aspect of basic car maintenance. As you drive, metal filings and dirt start to build up in your vehicle’s oil. This makes the oil less effective at doing its job of lubricating the engine. Not only this, but it’s been proven that changing your vehicle’s oil on a regular basis lengthens your vehicle’s life and boosts the resale value of your car.

Any experienced car mechanic will tell you how necessary common car repairs like oil changes are. So, make sure you book your vehicle in for an oil change after every few thousand miles.

2. Brake work – essential basic car maintenance

If you go down to a mechanic today, chances are you’ll see at least one vehicle with its brakes being worked on. Brakes are one of the most common car repairs and one of your car’s most important components. Are your brakes overdue for this piece of essential maintenance? Contact us today to book a service! Before our mechanics get near your brakes, they’ve had hours of training on how to repair them. 

3. Automotive fuel injector issues – basic car mechanics

Did you know that many major automotive problems can be traced back to issues with your fuel injection system? The most common fuel injector problem is a clog.

If you frequently drive with less than ¼ full fuel tank, your fuel injector can quickly become clogged. If this happens, we’ll either clean it out with pressurised solvent or need to replace it altogether. So, don’t let this happen! Instead, keep your tank topped up!

4. Worn tyres – one of the most common car repairs

How worn are your tyres right now? It’s easy to forget to check your vehicle’s tyres until they give you a problem. Most people wait until winter to have a look at their tyres. However, worn-out tyres can give you some big issues in any season – whether underinflation, overinflation or excessive wear and tear. Problems with your car’s tyres can lead to blowouts and cause major road accidents! You could easily be driving over a bumpy road or encountering debris like nails or glass and end up stranded with multiple punctures.

Thankfully, tyre problems are so easy to prevent. A simple visual inspection before you embark on every journey is the easiest way to ensure your tyres are in good health. In addition, many cars have basic diagnostic features such as inflation monitoring. Finally, if you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll check the tread for you and do whatever needs to be done.

5. Spark plugs – car repairs and maintenance

You often have to fix the small parts to avoid more significant problems. The same is true of your car. For example, tiny spark plugs are one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s engine. As the name suggests, spark plugs ignite the fuel in your vehicle’s cylinders. Changing spark plugs is one of the common car repairs we don’t recommend you try at home. Many people who attempt to replace their spark plugs end up experiencing increased gas mileage and needing an expensive catalytic converter replacement! So, if you want to save money long-term, leave the spark plug change to us.


As you can see, car repairs and maintenance are important if you want to ensure your vehicle’s long-term longevity and health. Sure, those notorious car repairs seem inevitable, such as the ones we’ve listed here. On top of this, there are also common car repairs that you should never carry out by yourself. But then there is other basic car maintenance that you should indeed try by yourself at home. This can all get pretty confusing. So, if you want further advice about how to take care of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Beachwheels Automotive!